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At Riccobene, we understand the demands of long-lasting surfaces. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to crafting concrete products that aren't just aesthetically pleasing but are built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use. Our commercial range is designed for resilience, capable of handling vehicle traffic high kip loads without compromising on style or sustainability. Buy Cobblestone mats and Hardscape Mats from Riccobene for best quality.

Straight Mat

Strength Meets Style

We understand concrete strength and durability are as important as design. With Straight mat, you get the best of both worlds. Engineered to endure, making them perfect for high-traffic areas, industrial applications, and large-scale constructions that require robust materials.

Riccobene Cobble systems Straight mat


(Charcoal ONLY)

For Driveways, Patios and Walkways

Nominal dimensions: 16" x 48" x 1-5/811

5.33 sq.ft per mat  160 sq.ft. per pallet

30 units per pallet, 2,050 lbs. per pallet

$3.72 Per Square Foot

Why Choose Cobble Systems 

Whether you're paving large commercial spaces, designing intricate landscapes for public areas, or creating durable surfaces for industrial settings, Riccobene's products are up to the task. Our extensive range ensures that no matter the project's scale or complexity, we have the right solution for you

Riccobene Cobble systems Straight mat install speed



COBBLESYSTEMS is a permeable matted paving system that allows stormwater runoff to permeate directly into the sub-grade which promotes groundwater re-charge. No matter what permeable joint fill, COBBLESYSTEMS is the best solution for low impact development strategies (LID).

Riccobene Cobble systems Eco Systems
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Additional Mats?

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Cobble Systems for Foot Traffic


(Charcoal ONLY) For Foot Traffic Only

Nominal dimensions: 11.7" x 23.5" x 1"

1. 75 sq.ft. per unit / 175 sq.ft. per pallet

100 units per paIlet 1,485 lbs. per pallet

Riccobene Cobble systems Cobble mat
Riccobene Cobble systems Cobble mat walk way


Nominal dimensions: 11.7" x 23.5" x 1"

1. 75 sq.ft. per unit / 175 sq.ft. per pallet

100 units per pallet 1,485 lbs. per pallet

For Foot Traffic Only (Slate Grey ONLY)

Riccobene Cobble systems Terra Shell
Riccobene Cobble systems Terra Shell
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Need Grout?
Riccobene Eco Systems

ECOSYSTEMS is an advanced 2-part permeable bonding agent designed to bind any size particle or aggregate together into a permeable, breathable, and commercially tough grout. 

Unlike other aggregate binding chemicals that need to be mixed in a factory setting, ECOSYSTEMS is an easy to apply system that is quickly mixed and applied on site using any aggregate and a standard mixer.

It is the perfect grout choice for our CobbleSystems Articulating Concrete Mats.

Eco systems Riccobene Eco Systems

Advantages over other grout:

  • High bond strength

  • Permeable

  • Resistant to water

  • Prevents weeds

  • Prevents bugs

  • Tolerates freeze/thaw cycles

  • Withstands impact forces

  • Will not shrink or expand

Riccobene Eco Systems

ECOSYSTEMS contains a proprietary blend of advanced binding chemicals specially formulated to transform aggregate into a permeable matrix of particles that falls into the joints after mixing and cures into a rock hard grout over night.

CobbleSystems addtional uses

Explore the Versatile Benefits of Riccobene Concrete Products

Riccobene goes beyond traditional concrete solutions. Our innovative products are designed to tackle a range of environmental and landscaping challenges, offering effective solutions for Rill and gully erosion prevention, advanced drainage, and soil revampment. Riccobene is committed to offering concrete solutions that not only meet structural needs but also contribute positively to the environment. By choosing our products, you invest in a future where functionality and ecological responsibility go hand in hand.

soil erosion

Rill and Gully Erosion Prevention:

Protect your landscapes from erosion and water damage. Our concrete products are expertly designed to manage water flow, preventing the formation of rivulets that can erode and damage soil and landscaping. Whether in urban settings or natural landscapes, Riccobene provides the assurance of stability and longevity.

Eco System permeability

Advanced Drainage Solutions:

Effective water management is crucial in any setting. With Riccobene's EcoSystems™ and CobbleSystems™, we offer superior drainage solutions. These products facilitate efficient water drainage, reducing the risk of flooding and waterlogging, and helping maintain the ecological balance.

Soil Revampment: Revitalize your soil with our innovative concrete products. They are not just robust; they also support soil health, allowing for better aeration and nutrient flow. Ideal for agricultural use, landscaping, and environmental conservation, our products help in creating fertile, healthy soil environments.

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