Mesa Irregular Round™

Mesa Irregular Round™
For years one of the only options for a stepping stone at a reasonable price has been a plain circle, hexagon, or square. The Mesa Irregular Round fills that gap by offering a natural looking, subdued, yet economical stepping stone that fits into almost any landscape. We use the same propriatary manufacturing process as we do with our Sereno Stone products giving the Mesa Irregular Round a natural stone look and feel.
Available Colors: $color1

  • Perfect alternative to square, round, or hexagon stones.
  • Natural stone look and feel like Sereno Stone
  • Economical alternative to natural stone
  • Comes in 4 premium color blends
  • A stepping stone that blends in instead of stands out.

Per Pallet:
Traffic Type:
Wet Cast Concrete
12 x 10.4 x 2 in.
1.1 sq. ft.
5 lbs
Autumn Tan, Ashlar Grey, Sedona, Sandy Creek
Outdoor SurfacesSustains foot traffic