Sereno™ stone Splash Block

Sereno™ stone Splash Block
Give the rain a nice place to fall. At last, there is a splash block that blends in. Sereno™ stone splash block is artfully designed to have the look and feel of chisled flagstone. Not only does it look great, it is made of durable, rock hard concrete to stand up to the toughest climates while gracefully diverting the rain where you want need it to go. They were designed to go with the rest of our Sereno™ Stone products.
Available Colors: $color1$color2$color3

  • Ideal for gardens and landscapes
  • Protects grass and soil from erosion
  • Has the look of natural chiseled stone
  • Comes in 3 premium colors
  • Great for commercial and residential uses

Per Pallet:
Wet Cast Concrete
13 x 22
Ashlar Grey, Sedona, Sandy Creek
Outdoor Surfaces