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Sereno™ Stone Bench

Sereno™ Stone Bench
The Sereno™ stone Bench is a perfect addition for your home or office providing a natural looking concrete bench at a comparable price to real stone. It also provides a consistency that can't be beat while buying in large quantities for parks or courtyards. Available in three premium natural colors, it blends in offering an unobtrusive and natural look for public areas that will make your guests feel welcome.
Available Colors: $color1$color2$color3

  • Natural looking stone bench that blends in
  • Available with steel or stacked stone legs
  • Economical alternative to a natural stone bench
  • Designed to go with our Sereno™ Stone products
  • Ideal for gardens, commercial, and residential spaces

Per Pallet:
Wet Cast Concrete
38 x 15 x 15
268 lbs
Sedona, Ashlar Grey, Sandy Creek
Outdoor SurfacesIndoor Surfaces